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Download Film Episode Terakhir Naruto Shippuden annjaky




A: Thank you for all your comments. I have tested many functions and solutions of other users. But all of them failed to open the video file I specified. I also tried to install "ffplay" and followed the instructions on the website, but it failed to work. Finally, I read the document at this website and found the suggested function of returning the error code. I used the suggested function and the video file can now be opened. The codes I used are as follows: CODE: struct libvlc_audio_format_t { unsigned char b; /*!name)) { a = 1; } else { a = 0; } if (0 == strcmp("mp3", format->name)) { b = 1; } else { b = 0; } format->b = b; format->width = 1; format->depth = 1; format->interleaving = a; return 0; } CODE: libvlc_audio_format_t format = {}; /* Open a file */ libvlc_media_t *file_open(const char *url, const char *format,...); /* Get the file at a path */ libvlc_media_t *file_get_at_path(const char *




Download Film Episode Terakhir Naruto Shippuden annjaky

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