Build Your Own Salad

Step 1: Choose your protein

Your choice of meat or plant based protein (tofu, edamame beans, chickpeas, lentils, tempeh, meat alternatives, eggs)

Step 2: Choose your fats

Avocado, olive oil, nuts & seeds, cheese, dressings

Step 3: Choose your vegetables and fruits

Leafy greens i.e. rocket, lettuce, spinach, capsicum, cucumber, strawberries, pear, apple, grapes etc.

Step 4: Choose your carbs (optional)

Quinoa, couscous, rice, pasta, croutons

NOTE: The above recommendations is a guide to help you build a salad that will become a complete meal. You do not need to add protein or carbs to a 'side salad' as it will be accompanying your main meal.

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