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Nutritionist & Food Psychology Expert - Lisa Reid

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Lisa Reid

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Hi I'm Lisa and I am a 'no diet' nutritionist! In practice I bring psychology and nutrition together to help you achieve your nutrition goals whether it be fat loss, improving your relationship with food or simply leading a healthier lifestyle.

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Food Psychology

Binge, stress & emotional eating, perception of food, identifying mental barriers, improving your relationship with food

Weight Management 

Fat loss, gain and maintenance, body composition support

Fatigue Issues

Low energy, chronic stress, blood sugar dysregulation, chronic fatigue syndrome

Digestive Issues

IBS, bacteria imbalances, gut health

Specialty Diets

FODMAP, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, sport & exercise nutrition


Strategically eating in sync with your cycle, nutrition for mental health, managing cravings, healthy work/life balance


I am 100% happy with myself for choosing to contact Lisa! I can't believe how much I lacked in knowledge when it comes to food. By eating more (I used to skip breakfast) and signing up with a Personal Trainer at the same time in less than a month I have lost almost 2.5 kilos and in that time frame I have had home made pizza and burgers! Eating healthy is not boring its actually really delicious! Lisa's meal plan is absolutely fantastic, I enjoy eating breakfast, I look forward to cooking dinner. My fussy children are eating more!! Foods I've never tried and foods I already love. She is great at answering any of my questions and even let me have a little vent one day when I felt horrible, it definitely helped me get back up and carry on. I no longer have the attitude of "I can't be bothered ill just buy dinner" because when you are excited for what's to eat each day you don't think about crappy takeaways at all. I am honestly very happy thank you so much!!


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